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You are at the address! Remote support is a convenient way to provide remote computer help, administration and training anywhere on the Internet.


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Why is online help cheaper? Because help to your computer is provided without the visit of the wizard, which is significantly cheaper! Do not hesitate to put a question in chat on this page (on the right in the lower corner is a flashing circle with a phone icon).

What services can we get with our help? Almost any service that does not involve the process of disconnecting your computer from the Internet. For example: set up an e-mail program, install software (antivirus, archivers, office, graphical applications, etc.), clean from malware, optimize your computer's settings (increase performance), configure and connect peripherals (scanner, printer and etc.), configure network access, configure modem and Wi-Fi wireless access, perform diagnostics on your computer, set up a terminal server for accounting, set up and install programs on MAC OS, set up and install the program for Linux, problem with the site (removal of viruses from the site) settings, site administration.

It is impossible to perform services in the absence of connecting your computer to the Internet. Does not include a computer or laptop. Or the provision of the service involves a connection break. pops up a stop error (Blue Death Screen, BSOD) and / or the computer itself restarts. And here we can also help with chat or telephone.

What is TeamViewer? TeamViewer is one of the most advanced solutions for remote control and remote access. Users and customers have long noticed the easy and convenient use, high security and reliability of the TeamViewer solution. The program's work can be viewed on the video below:

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How does it work?

  • 1 Your network must work properly on your computer. Contact a specialist and discuss the details of remote support.
  • 2 The specialist establishes the tariff for remote computer help and informs you about the cost of the services you have selected, and if you are satisfied with everything, go to the next step.
  • 3 You are downloading the program from the official site (Instructions in the pictures).
  • 4 Launch the TeamViewer remote computer support program (it's important not to close it until the problem is resolved), and you must have Internet access (this is a prerequisite).
  • 5 If you start WindowsVersion when you run TeamViewer, then you need to click on the "Unlock" button in this window.
  • 6 Після Launch the program, a window will open in which there will be several fields: your ID (for example: 123 456 7890) and the password field (for example: 11qwe1rty), and the message "Ready to connect" appears at the bottom of the program.
  • 7 Next you need to report these data to a specialist. After that, our specialist remotely connects to your computer to provide custom services, and you will be able to observe the actions of our specialist.
  • 8 The payment of services is made after their completion in full volume and quality for the pre-paid webmoney, QIWI, Kyivstar money, VISA, MasterCard.

Our services

Удаленная установка программ

Install and configure applications.

Installation and configuration of programs of any class and complexity.

Диагностика компьютера

Damage diagnostics

Troubleshoot your computer. Diagnostics of processor, RAM, hard disk, ssd.

Чистка компьютера от вирусной программы

Pc cleaning from advertising

Cleaning a laptop or stationary computer from advertizing viruses.

Чистка компьютера от вирусов

Clean your computer from viruses

Cleaning a laptop or a stationary computer from viruses.

Антивирусная защита

Install anti-virus protection

Install anti-virus software.

Настройка сервера терминалов

Configuring Terminal Server

Configuring the Terminal Server on Windows, Unix.

Настройка веб сервера

Configure web server

Setting up http server settings: apache2, nginx, lighttpd, php5, php7, mysql, mariadb.

Почтовый сервер

Setting up the mail server

Installing, configuring the mail server for unix, windows.

Configure 1C server

Setting up a terminal server for a budget 1C.

настройка сетевых принтеров и МФУ

Set up network printers

Install and configure drivers for network printers and MFPs.

настройка интернет шлюза NAT, FTP, WEB, Proxy

Gateway settings

Configuring Internet Gateway NAT, FTP, WEB, Proxy. Internet access server.

Настройка файлового сервера

Configuring the file server

Configuring the file server. For organizations or for private use.

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